Books by John M Evans

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John M. Evans was born in Iowa but spent most of his youth in California. There he was employed as a management and logistics specialist for the Navy and later the Army. After getting married, John and his wife Margaret moved to Virginia where he continued his career in the Department of Defense (DOD). During his thirty-three years with DOD he spent eighteen at the Pentagon, eleven of which were as a Senior Executive in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  After retiring in 2006, he and his wife moved to Texas to be closer to their family. He now works as a part-time military consultant and writes science fiction novels with military themes – applying his love of physics and understanding of military affairs to his story telling.


To save money and time many people now read electronic books or “E-books”. All the major internet sales sites (Amazon, Google, IUniverse, and others) offer books in either hard copy, paperback or E-Book formats.


When you purchase an E-Book the website usually downloads the book directly to your notebook, laptop, or computer immediately after you make your payment. Many E-Books sell for around $6.00 each and the software to read them can be downloaded for free from the selling web sites or from Adobe or other software companies.  The high end of the E-Book world is the new ‘Kindle’ readers, but the free software lets you store dozens of books and read them from any computer, laptop, or notebook or smart phone.
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