What Matt didn’t know and didn’t realize in his drunken haze, was the women were not human. They were actually advance scouts from that alien race who’d left their genetic code in humans thousands of years ago. The women were here to prepare for their space fleet’s arrival in late December!
Matt and Jack had to decide whether this was mankind’s first actual alien encounter or, if it was the first meeting with alien invaders bent on subjugating the human race? Matt and Jack soon find themselves embroiled with ancient alien rivalries, exotic love affairs, and a world-wide war where humans must fight for their very survival.

Books by John M Evans

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 Encounter in Las Vegas

Fall 2011

The Mayan Empire’s Long Count calendar ends on December 21, 2012, the same point in time when the earth and the solar system lines up with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. There are many prophesies that predict the end of life as we know it on that date. Other ancient texts say that thousands of years ago alien explorers visited earth and altered human civilization forever. The aliens found only primitive cavemen unsuitable for use as a slave labor force, so these aliens altered mankind’s genetic code, seeded of our civilization, and left earth vowing to return on December 21, 2012.
Matt Crew and Jack O’Malley, two hard working young men building their professional careers, were both fed up with the constant media rant about these prophesies of Armageddon. They decided the best way to avoid this constant doomsday hype was to drive to Las Vegas for a week of partying, gamboling, and women. When they reached ‘sin city’ they quickly find the fun they wanted in the form of two very exotic, beautiful, sexy women, and lots of tequila.

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