Books by John M Evans

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Summer 2009

Colonel Mathew Stone and his small, eight man team of Special Forces troops had been the best in the world. But times had changed on Earth and they were slated for early retirement by Uncle Sam.  They figured they would either collect their retirement checks or become high paid security guards.

     They never expected was to be hired by an angel from Heaven – to help save an alien planet from evil demons and their ruthless allies.  Apparently, even Heaven sometimes fails to make their recruiting goals. Now, in the galaxy-wide struggle between good and evil for the souls of millions of humans and other beings, the angels need outside help.  Under their new plan, the developing war on the backward planet of Rytan could be, contracted out to some ex-Earth, Special Forces.

     Unfortunately, the angels didn’t mention that the only allies the Earth troops would have were medieval pacifists who had been trained to flee from the enemy. So – all Matt and his comrades have to do is go to an unknown world, turn a continent full of medieval pacifists into a fighting force, and learn the Ways of Power from a Wizard-Priest so they don’t get killed by demons. 

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