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John M. Evans was born in Iowa but spent most of his youth in California. He attended college and graduate school in California before becoming a management and logistics specialist for the Navy and later the Army. After getting married, John and his wife Margaret moved to Virginia where he continued his career in the Department of Defense (DOD). During his thirty-three years with DOD he spent eighteen at the Pentagon, eleven of which were as a Senior Executive, in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. After retiring in 2006, he and his wife moved to Texas to be closer to their family. He now writes science fiction novels with military themes – applying his love of physics and understanding of military affairs to his story telling. 

Wild Options


After working for the federal government for thirteen years, Matt Pine longs for more out of life. The Cold War wages on in 1987, but Matt’s looking for a little excitement of his own, a little romance. He didn’t plan on risking his life to find it, but when he meets Sue, a woman to whom he is instantly attracted, he ends up almost terminally smitten.

Matt and Sue hit it off pretty well on their first date, until the sky falls in, literally. An alien space craft crashes near them, nearly kills them, and maroons an advanced alien intelligence on earth. Although this intelligence is more advanced than humans, it needs human assistance to guarantee its survival.

Matt and Sue strike up a deal with the alien intelligence, which will guarantee them money, power, and just about anything else they could ever want. But can they trust their new alien partner? Both the United States and the Soviet Union militaries suspect Matt and Sue’s new connection and are willing to start World War III. Will Matt and Sue turn this intelligence over to the federal government or risk the future of the planet on some Wild Options?

Mercenary Angels


Lieutenant Colonel Matt Stone and his small, eight man team of Special Forces troops had been the best in the world. But times had changed on Earth and Matt and his team was slated for early retirement by Uncle Sam. They figured they would either collect their retirement checks and become very high paid security guards or maybe use their special skills as mercenaries – if the situation was right and the pay high enough. 

What they never expected was to be mercenaries hired by an angel from Heaven – to help save an alien planet from evil demons and their ruthless alien allies. Apparently, even Heaven failed to make their recruiting goals sometimes and now, in the galaxy-wide struggle between good and evil for the hearts and souls of millions of humans and other beings, the angels needed some outside help. Under their new plan, while the larger battle between the angels of Heaven and the forces of Hell continued in both the spiritual plane and in other parts of the galaxy, the small shooting war on the backward planet of Rytan could be, essentially, contracted out to some ex-Earth, Special Forces.

It sounded pretty good to men like Matt and his troops, who were about to have their military careers terminated anyway. Unfortunately, the angels didn’t mention that the only allies the Earth troops would have were medieval pacifists who new nothing of modern warfare and had been trained to flee rather than challenge the enemy. They also didn’t explain the enemy might be a senior demon with unbelievable supernatural powers and leading a vast army of fanatical warriors bent on destroying everything in their path.

So – no problem; all Matt and his seven comrades have to do is make their way through an unknown world, turn an entire continent full of medieval pacifists into a real fighting force, learn the Ways of Power from a Wizard-Priest so they can stand against demons from Hell, and in the process... keep from getting themselves killed.

Encounter in Las Vegas


Encounter in Las Vegas

The Mayan Empire’s Long Count calendar ends on December 21, 2012, the same point in time when the earth and the solar system lines up with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. There are many prophesies that predict the end of life as we know it on that date. Other ancient texts say that thousands of years ago alien explorers visited earth and altered human civilization forever. The aliens found only primitive cavemen unsuitable for use as a slave labor force, so these aliens altered mankind’s genetic code, seeded of our civilization, and left earth vowing to return on December 21, 2012.

Matt Crew and Jack O’Malley, two hard working young men building their professional careers, were both fed up with the constant media rant about these prophesies of Armageddon. They decided the best way to avoid this constant doomsday hype was to dive to Las Vegas for a week of partying, gamboling, and women. When they reached ‘sin city’ they quickly find the fun they wanted in the form of two very exotic, beautiful, sexy women, and lots of tequila.  What Matt didn’t know and didn’t realize in his drunken haze, was the women were not human. They were actually advance scouts from that alien race who’d left their genetic code in humans thousands of years ago. The women were here to prepare for their space fleet’s arrival in late December!

Matt and Jack had to decide whether this was mankind’s first actual alien encounter or, if it was the first meeting with alien invaders bent on subjugating the human race? Matt and Jack soon find themselves embroiled with ancient alien rivalries, exotic love affairs, and a world-wide war where humans must fight for their very survival.  

Alien Crossroads Book I

Alien Crossroads Book I


The year is 2272, and mankind has taken its initial tentative steps into deep space. The discovery of wormholes – just as Albert Einstein predicted more than three hundred years earlier, had opened up deep space to exploration. With faster than light travel – humans have now spread out nearly two hundred light years from earth. Establishing a few small colonies and trading posts across the vastness of space, mankind had now encountered half a dozen alien races. For many, this new era of exploration is similar to the seventeenth and eighteen centuries on earth, when the tall sailing ships plied the oceans in year-long voyages to the new world.
Earth’s Navy has been hard pressed to deal with the vastness of space, and its first military encounters with aliens are complete disasters. The generations of peace on earth have left the Navy and its admirals unprepared for alien encounters. The Navy and Marines were stretched thin even as shipyards on Earth began to rebuild and expand the Fleet.
Commander Daniel Crew left Earth’s Space Navy after the first disastrous battle with aliens, where the incompetence of the Admiral left the Fleet defeated and hundreds of Marines prisoners.
Bitter from this experience and the unexplained disappearance of his girlfriend, Daniel takes a job as a limousine driver. What he didn’t know, was that Lady Luck was just around the corner, and soon Daniel would have the chance to pursue his dreams as the Captain of a deep space freighter, the Star Ranger. Daniel outfits this reconditioned excess military freighter, pulls together a crew of ex-Navy personnel, and heads out for deep space, where dozens of small colonies desperately rely on civilian traders like the Star Ranger as their life line back to earth. Along the way he finds adventure, danger, and romance, as he must use all his wits and his crew to stop dangerous and aggressive aliens. 

Alien Crossroads Book II

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